One-Size Wool Diaper Cover

  • $26.00

Our One-Size Wool Diaper Covers:

  • Fit 12 to 35+ pounds
  • Fits well over any fitted, prefold, insert or whatever you fill it with. 
  • Side snapping for quick easy changes
  • Made from 3 layers
  • 97% wool 3% lycra for excellent stretch and recovery
  • Must be lanolized
  • Breathable option for babies who are rash prone
  • Customizable 
  • Have 3 rows of rise adjustments
  • Have front elastic
  • Can have appliqués added on request
  • Add snap in insert for a Wool-in-Two
  • Refer to images for colors and add a note to your order with your color requests or color combo request/appliqué requests or request for insert snaps to be added inside.